The BIG Skate

12 States and Washington, D.C…1400+ Miles…New Smyrna Beach, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts...28 Days. Join the adventure!!!

Follow the BIG Skate on FB/iambiglife for regular updates, periodic live stream of the BIG Skate and to find out where you can spot and cheer Merideth on as she rolls through your town.
In addition to these major cities listed, the BIG Skate will be rolling through other towns and cities along the way! Join the BIG adventure!

9/12/2016-Jacksonville, Florida
9/15-Savannah, Georgia
9/18-Charleston, South Carolina
9/20-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
9/22-Wilmington, North Carolina
9/28-Virginia Beach, Virginia
10/1-10/2-Washington, D.C.
10/4-Ocean City, New Jersey
10/7-New York, New York
10/10-New London, Connecticut
10/12-Providence, Rhode Island
10/14-Boston, Massachusetts-BIG ARRIVAL at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

While Nate and I purchased 3 acres in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, for the BIG Life campus, we lack a facility that can host support groups, workshops, entertainment, speakers, open hours and more.
To raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injuries, encourage survivors and caregivers, and raise funds to develop the BIG Life campus, I have committed to “The BIG Skate.” Beginning in September, I am inline skating 1,400 miles from New Smyrna Beach to Boston. It’s ambitious, but when I think about what TBI survivors face each day, it pales in comparison.

Will you join me in the fight to bring greater awareness to TBI? Together, we can encourage this isolated population and build the first-of-its kind recovery center.
This packet outlines the many ways you can participate and learn more about our organization. Our hope is
that BIG Life will become a first-class model replicated throughout the U.S., bringing relief and hope to millions. But first we need to raise $500,000.

A BIG number, yes. But absolutely worth it for those who are learning to live again.
Please join me.

-Merideth McDonald, PhD (c), MHC
Founder and Executive Director, BIG Life

Raised $14,250 towards the $500,000 target.

Unique sponsorship opportunities have been rolled out to make each of the 1,300+ miles count and make it possible for everyone to be part of the epic, record-setting adventure.  Each and every donation is BIG and will have a direct and lasting impact on many people.

Sponsor Tiers (Capped at 1,000 miles)

  • Superstar Skater – $7,500 – PRESENTING SPONSORS (only 2 available)
    • Logo on helmet or t-shirt front (visible for the entire skate)
    • Signage at start and finish of the BIG Skate
    • Large graphics on chase vehicle
    • Video ad on live stream
    • Donor wall recognition at BIG Life clubhouse
    • Brick on walking path at BIG Life facility
    • Re ection bench at BIG Life facility
    • BIG Life bag of loot
  • Speed Skater – $2,500
    • Vehicle sponsorship
    • Logo on equipment (headband, knee pads, etc.)
    • Web banner
    • Logo on back of t-shirt
    • Donor wall recognition at BIG Life clubhouse
    • Brick on walking path at BIG Life facility
    • BIG Life bag of loot
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll – $1,000 + mileage
    • Determine any amount to give per mile and add $1,000. For example:
      • $ .10/mile = $100.00
      • $ .25/mile = $250.00
      • $ .50/mile = $500.00
      • $ 1.00/mile = $1000.00
    • Brick on walking path at BIG Life facility
    • Website recognition
    • BIG Life bag of loot
  • All-Skate – Mileage
    • Determine any amount to give whether it is a dime or a dollar per mile. For example:
      • $ .10/mile = $100.00
      • $ .25/mile = $250.00
      • $ .50/mile = $500.00
      • $ 1.00/mile = $1000.00
    • Any mileage sponsor of $250 or more gets a shout-out on Facebook.

Every dollar counts and we are grateful for each dollar!

Corporate Sponsor/Matching Tiers                                                                                                                                                              

Corporate sponsorship and/or matching opportunities available with unique and unrivaled, national advertising opportunities with strong return on investment.   Contact:

We have no doubt that our journey has prepared us to come alongside others who share similar experiences. That’s why, together, we created BIG Life Brain Injury Group, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our mission is to revolutionize the treatment and rehabilitation of brain injury by providing an environment that empowers brain injury survivors and their caregivers to thrive. We
do this by focusing on improving the recovery process, quality of life and overall life satisfaction. In short, we believe that those who have a brain injury – and their loved ones – can still live a BIG Life.

Our goal is to create a BIG Life campus to become a safe haven for TBI survivors and their caregivers – a place where they can nd community, support, solitude and peace.

TBI Facts

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is de ned as a bump, blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain; the severity of a brain injury may range from mild to severe.
  • Approximately every 18 seconds, someone in the U.S. su ers a brain injury; that’s nearly 2 million cases per year.
  • At least 5.3 million Americans have a long-term or lifelong need for help to perform activities of daily living as a result of a brain injury.
  • Since 2000, more than 330,000 military veterans have been diagnosed with a brain injury.

Source: The Centers for Disease Control and Department of Defense

According to the Brain Injury Association of Florida:

  • 435,000 Floridians live with TBI-related disabilities.
  • Another 3,500 to 4,500 TBI-related fatalities are reported annually.
  • On average, nearly 265 TBI incidents occur every day (97,000 cases per year).
  • Only 1 in 20 TBI survivors receive appropriate rehabilitation services.

BIG Life Development

The $500,000 raised from The BIG Skate will go toward building the BIG Life property in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Donations will cover the following:

  • BIG Life clubhouse for support groups, workshops, entertainment, speakers, open hours and more
  • Handicap-accessible van or small bus (many TBI survivors have lost the ability to drive)
  • Walking trails throughout the property

Download Our Sponsorship Packet

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A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

  • Nate
  • Hittn' Skins
  • Faith
  • The Jacquins
  • Tim
  • Hal & Roxanne
  • Anthony P.
  • Planet Surplus
  • Greg McNair
  • Lauren Marie
  • Donald McDonald
  • Bill and Dottie Rouse
  • Maria Philbrick
  • Brian and Julie Tower
  • Luis, Angela, Tino and Rico
  • Jessica McDonald
  • Beth Allen
  • Rob and Joanne Reeves
  • The Gregoire Family
  • Jon Faass
  • Debbie Dix
  • Nikki and Shane Pangle
  • Shirley Chrisos
  • Carry Elwell
  • Kelle Brinson
  • Stan Harrison
  • Julie Hornwood
  • Karen Faas
  • Thomas Conley
  • Kathleen Sevigny
  • Jessi Showers
  • Stephen Chapal
  • Ron and Judy Tardif
  • Conrad Litz
  • Lee Allen
  • Dena Yohe
  • Mary Synk
  • Sully and Meg Sullivan
  • Theresa Ayotte
  • Castro & Co.
  • Justin Bauknight
  • Robert Couture
  • Black Sheep Ceili Band
  • Barbara Wagner
  • Jessica Baquet
  • Tom Shea
  • Ultima Morgan
  • Coleman Plumbing
  • Jennifer Kittinger
  • Daniel Martin
  • Susanne Bloom
  • Russel Chiodo
  • Patricia Wright
  • Hal Yeager
  • Lia Greenley
  • Andy Abramowitz
  • Heather Nicholson
  • carole christian
  • Joseph Rychalski
  • Rhonda L Schirle
  • Kerry Partlow
  • Sharon Mehaffey
  • Marie Crete
  • Josh London
  • Kerry Partlow
  • Piper Seaman
  • Roxanne Chase
  • Eleanor Trotter
  • Thomas Gordon
  • Gregoire Pinto
  • Edward Debrowski
  • Kelle Brinson
  • Bret Russell
  • Mark Springer
  • Cynthia Mesh
  • Timothy Davis
  • John Sarmanian jr
  • Tina Frazier
  • Judith Mitchell
  • Tamara Hadley
  • Ellison Hunter
  • Lisa Graffious
  • Kim Quigley
  • Debra Hadley
  • Randy Williams
  • Eric Swedberg
  • Hedi Cunningham
  • Ruby McDonald
  • Lynn Keys
  • Courtland Holloway
  • Abby Chadbourne
  • Kristine Tower
  • Benjamine Verrill

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